David Jones

David Jones

photo 4I really had no idea that there was a job like mine when I started learning to fly,  I just wanted to fly airplanes.  I took my first lesson in Searcy, AR in the summer of 1984.  While attending the University of Central Arkansas.  After finishing my BS degree from UCA I moved to Greeley, CO to attend a college that was a part of Eastern Airlines training program.  The plan was to get all my ratings and go to work for Eastern.  My first lesson in aviation was that airlines go bankrupt!  Three months after moving to Colorado, Eastern was out of business!  Long story short I came back to Conway and continued working on my ratings at Central Flying Service.

I am often asked how long does it take to get a pilot licenses?  Well, It only took me 10 years.  That’s  what it took me to get my private, instrument, and commercial pilot licenses.  My first pilot job was co-pilot on a Citation 501 for an individual.  After a couple of years, that turned into PIC on a Falcon 10 for the same individual.   I was flight instructing, flying the Falcon 10 and anything I could get my hands on. I was also a member of the Arkansas Air National Guard and I got a opportunity to be a Loadmaster and later Flight Engineer on a C130.  In total I flew 2,000 hours as a crew member  on the C130.

photo 2After six years I had the experience to land a job with Dillard’s Department Stores flying the Lear 31A and Falcon 900B.  I went on to fly the Lear 45, Gulfstream 450, and GV for Dillard’s.  This experience took me around the world!  Dillard’s has stores in 33 states and manufacturing setup around the globe.  Nine years flying for Dillard’s, four type ratings and international training.  I was ready for the job I have today.

I manage and fly a Challenger 604 and Falcon 20-5 for two individuals.  It’s my job to get them where they want to go.  Logistics specialist really.  Flying the airplane is just a part of what I do.  The job is Chief Pilot for a Part 91 flight department.

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